Area Ortles Ripamonti – Excellence in Maintenance












A verification visit has recently been conducted by the client in order to detect the quality of the management and maintenance services supplied for the water features of Area Ortles Ripamonti. The results attest the level of excellence supplied by watercube also as regards the maintenance. In fact, we dedicate great care to the projects we realize and we want them to remain at the peak of their efficiency and functionality: we choose durable, quality materials and design systems that limit water and electricity consumption and withstand the test of time.

The examination consists in the control of some aspects concerning the components of the system, the documentation completeness, the enviromental issues and the safety in the workplace. In particular, the main specific objectives of the inspection were:

– monitoring and measuring the efficacy, namely the ability of reaching the level of service laid down in the agreements;
– measuring the efficiency, namely the ability of achieving a quality result that is also economically accetable;
– identifying any critical issue;
– defining objectives that can help to pursue an improvement of the service provided and, in general, of the water features.

The outcomes of the monitoring campaign have been condensed in the following tables, which allow an istant read. As you see, the results of the controls conducted on Area Ortles Ripamonti show that our maintenance service simply cannot be better than this.