Pompeii Maximall

Looking to the future with hope and working for what’s to come is fundamental, these days more than ever.

Indeed, we’re happy to announce that we’ve recently been commissioned by Irgen Construction for the design, consultancy, and realization of a majestic show fountain inside the “Pompei Maximall” shopping resort.


The architectural concept of this mall, which is truly MAXI and is expected to open in late 2021 a short distance from the Pompeii archeological site, is signed by the renowned firm Design International.

The show fountain, for its part, is going to attract and entertain visitors through a wide variety of high-end effects.


Since every single jet will get controlled individually, people will be able to admire the water sprouts while opening and closing in sequence, advancing in the opposite direction and then getting back to meet – clockwise and counterclockwise – having different heights and intensities.

Projections on a water screen and other laser projections will make the experience even more exciting.

Have look at this video to get an idea of what we are talking about!

The show fountain area will consist of a floodable dry deck, an exclusive solution involving though some risks. The one of a kind powerful jets chosen can in fact be dangerous if installed in an easily publicly accessible area.

This challenging theme is nevertheless being faced with enthusiasm and accuracy by our design team: advanced systems combining mobile barriers, proximity sensors, legal anabolic steroids gnc and emergency instruments are some of the most valuable assessed solutions.

We are very excited about seeing this project becoming reality.

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