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8th September 2011

Alexander the Great Skopje - Macedonia

It is a great work, strongly supported by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia to emphasize its national identity.

This is not a simple fountain, but a big basin of 35 m (115 ft.) diameter, with extraordinary water features and light dance effects. A massive, 16 m (55 ft.) high pillar stands in the middle. The pillar is covered with three rings of stained marble with bas-relief and large bronze ring spacers. On the top, the towering forty feet high equestrian statue of Alexander, a truly spectacular work. The aesthetic impact of water features made by Watercube is as high as the imposing monument. A thick water curtain expertly lit and visible from every corner of the square falls from the platform that supports the sculpture. The base of the column, however, is wrapped in a blanket of mist, while a web of jets that depart from the poolside harmonizes the verticality of the central element with the basin below. Finally, choreographed water and light are staged by jets that change shape and colour, dancing with circular pattern to the chosen music.