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12th May 2009

Campari Headquarter Milan - Italy

The Campari Headquarters bear the signature of the architects Mario Botta and Giancarlo Marzorati, and opened in Sesto San Giovanni in 2009. An imposing building, an organic presence not only in terms of the relationship with the existing buildings, but also of the search for materials and typical colours of the location. In this context with the dome roof of the lobby, and its flying buttresses interacting with the green coat that slopes down to the reflecting pool, there is a water basin of limited depth created by Watercube, that adds throughout lightness and transparency, dominated by the shades of red curtain walls and the green of the gardens and the park. The stone finishing chosen for the coating of the Basin is intentionally dark to enhance the reflective power of the water, which is interrupted only by the skylights that illuminate the floor below.