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5th October 2023

GCC Pavilion at Expo Doha 2023 -

The desert is a livable habitat for humans only if oases are present within reachable distances, and it is of strategic importance to protect and extend water sources to survive in the desert.

SIMMETRICO curated the Design and Build of the GCC Pavilion project, that aims to be a cultural landmark within Expo DOHA 2023: a manifesto of resilience, innovation and sustainability.

Six sources converge in a single center to narrate the cohesion of the six GCC countries, united in a single destiny, to share the same goal.

The springs converge through channels, a symbol of man’s wisdom in leading the precious resource, fertilizing the earth and creating a fountain with a continuous flow that envelops a bronze sphere, signifying the value of natural resources and their centrality in the process of change.