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1st September 2010

Panoramic Hotel Plaza Montegrotto Terme - Italy

Fire and Water don’t go together. It is a well-known fact. But now, they can. The Watercube fountains made it finally possible. Thanks to the work of a modern alchemist, we’ve created a stunning special effect.

The assembly is specific for outdoor settings: real fire flames glow on copper or concrete bowls and light up the surroundings, creating a twilight atmosphere. At night, the warbling water sound and the flare diffusing from the braziers into the darkness evoke far away places and times.

Everything is powered by a natural gas or propane burner, designed to generate up to 1 m high flames and fitted with an electric starter. The bowls can be filled with lava gravel or glass beads in various colours; the water blades emerging from all around the edges represent the final touch.

Each bowl is skilfully arranged at a perfect distance from the bystanders, so that no one can have a contact with the flame, which is particularly true for children. This is also one of the reasons for installing the fountain in the middle of a water basin for an evocative and at the same time extremely safe setting.