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12th December 2008

Piazzale della Vittoria Reggio Emilia - Italy

A new fountain to revive the square of this venue. Inaugurated in 2008, it has changed the face of the area facing the Teatro Valli thanks to a remarkable aesthetic impact and the flexible functional project of Watercube.

Systems off, the space in front of the historic building looks like a big stall suitable to accommodate shows and events. When the fountain is operating, the water features capture the attention of passers-by and invite them to stay, especially in the evening, an ideal time for the bright choreography obtained with the LED lights.

When flooded, the 12 m (39 ft.) wide and 46 m (151ft.) long water basin is only 2 cm (0.8 in) deep and with its 73 jets allows you to set multiple configurations making both rectangular and circular shapes. The façade of the theatre and the surrounding buildings reflect in the water mirror creating a game of references between the different elements that make up this urban landscape. A typical view of the beautiful town.