Sustainability: our approach



















Watercube understands its responsibility towards the environment and over the years has set the goal of making sustainable choices made for the realization of its water features.

For us it is not enough to deliver a simply working product; we want our customers to benefit from an added value resulting from reduced pollution and closed water loop system for less water and power consumption.

Fountains that are properly designed can totally find a place within sustainable projects. Efficiency is teamed with attraction and fun through the execution of a preliminary holistic assessment and the use of intelligent design techniques.

This is our approach and these are the key themes of Watercube’s philosophy: water preservation (recirculation treatments using non-polluting alternatives to chemical treatments); energy savings (control systems, LED lighting, air-water combination systems); reduced environmental impact (recyclable materials, minimum polluting impact); environmental benefits (filtration / air ionization, micro climatic comfort).