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27th September 2007

Campania Shopping Center Marcianise Caserta - Italy

Located just outside the city of Caserta, in the municipality of Marcianise the shopping centre, built by the Dutch CORIO Group, a European leader in the field of shopping arcades, is set to become the largest in Italy.
The fountain designed by Watercube is located in the centre of “Piazza Campania”, core and great pride of the shopping centre, con- ceived as a garden and towered by a huge glass dome.
A tray of thin water layers is accommodated centrally to a round, raised platform forming crispy waves from the outer edge perimeter towards a central tank installed right underneath the fountain. All this was made possible by using special leapers nozzles installed underneath the decorative black marble tiles. Each nozzle is equipped with a special sequencing device generating cylinder sprays of seamless water crystals over their entire beam or alternatively a set of intermittent segments chasing each other.
A high-rise jet nozzle sprays toward the big crystal dome surrounded by other nozzles clusters producing a soft mistscaping effect in the middle of the platform.
The light system includes RGB changing colour LEDS for the central water effects and optical fibres for the tray jets.
The platform normally filled with two centimetres of water, can be occasionally dried out converting the platform into a convenient stage for concerts and events.