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18th June 2007

Samsung Roof Garden Seoul - Korea

A terrace, a starry night, and a walk through modern art, surrounded by the Magic of water … touching the sky!

Visiting the Trinity Sculpture Garden on the sixth floor of a historic building in downtown Seoul, Korea is a delightful experience. You can take a walk between the lattice channels that connect the reflective water basins, where the sculptures made by some of the best known artists of the twentieth century such as Moore, Calder, Oldenburg, Mirò, Smith and Louise Bourgeois stand out.

Watercube was awarded by Studio architect Guido Stefanoni the design of the dynamic water and lighting systems of the garden, which opened in 2007. Bound by the thin floor finish, particular attention was paid to construction details of the basins, the overflow channels, and the compensation basins, custom made in stainless steel, as well as in the implementation of a lighting system of optical fibres.

The atmosphere is charming, thanks to the harmonious relationship between the natural elements and the use of dramatic lights and steam, which rises in the cooler hours of the day.