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4th May 2007

Piazza Mazzini Jesolo Lido - Italy

A window over the sea. So the Spanish architect Carlos Ferrater has imagined and designed Piazza Mazzini in Jesolo, the central hub of a major urban redevelopment in the heart of the seaside town. A genuine place of aggregation where Watercube was called to carry some water features designed to interact with locals and tourists.

In the pavement design, there are three different types of fountain: the surface Reflecting Pool, flooded with a few centimetres/inches of water, on which you can walk barefoot; the Mistscaping effect obtained by a series of nozzles located under the floor, particularly striking with the evening lighting, and which also produces a cooling air; and the area reserved for the “dry fountain”, with interactive water features particularly loved by children. But not only: the group of eight nozzles housed under the floor surface forces passers in an improvised slalom between the spurts.