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12th December 2006

5 water tables line Parma - Italy

Inaugurated in 2006, this project was awarded to Watercube by Parma City Administration and it is part of a larger project for the overall rearrangement of one of the main entrances to the city.
In front of the Headquarters of the “Magistrato per il Po’” (Waters Management of the Po’ River), an existing 50 m long traffic barrier was removed to make room for five tanks of variable size and equipped with water aerated columns recreating a barrier between the two road ways. The bulkhead of each tank generates an over- fall down the longest wall and makes water spill out on a surface of black granite with deep horizontal grooves emphasising the foamy overall look.
RDG colour changing LEDs are accommodated in each water basin and in water drain channels underneath them to yield a gorgeous effect of light sequences and especially at night.
The dark-colour stone finishing was specifically selected to enhance water visibility.
In order to avoid water sprinkles wetting the surface of the road, a special anemometrical control was installed to reduce the height of the water jets based on the applicable wind force in this region.