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22nd May 2014

Cinecittà World Rome - Italy

Mazes, tunnels, fog effects, projections on water screens, choreographed dancing fountains: there are plenty of water features at the new amusement park in Rome built in the former Dino De Laurentiis Studios and dedicated to the movie industry. For the occasion, Watercube has designed and built a complex “system of fountains” in the large area located in front of two historic theatres. The project has a dual function: to provide interactive entertainment to the visitors and if needed, to provide a real Arena home of shows with extras, lights and video projections.

The installation incorporates many suggestive effects: the Reflecting Pool which in summer invites you to take off your shoes and walk on a flooded, cool surface; the  “intelligent” maze that can create walls up to three meters high and generate changing paths; the Water Screen; the giant water fan that serves as a projection screen; the tunnel lightened and pervaded by a curtain of coolant mist; the interactive spurts modulated by the Choreoswitch device; and the Foam Jet effect inspired by natural sources.

It’s like being ….in a film!