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8th March 2014

New Doha International Airport Doha - Qatar

The New Doha International Airport, which opened in 2014, is destined to be one of the most modern airports in the world. Inside the new lounges of the passenger terminal, designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel & Partners, there are eight fountains and various green walls made by Watercube. Not just water basins, but real design objects.

The First Class Lounge was embellished with two water walls, and an inclined stony surface developed on a front of 20 m (65 ft.) and a 10 m (33 ft.) long glass wall. A sparkling 316L stainless steel cup, with a diameter of 8 m (26 ft.), complements the lounge. In the middle of the cup, an 11 m (36 ft.) high water column slides on a cylinder of transparent methacrylate, which is concealed inside.

An elevated water table of a considerable size (10×31 m/ 33×101 ft.) is arranged in the Business Class Lounge, embellished with special “water-pop” nozzles that produce small water bubbles released from the bottom upwards, and falling down forming spectacular concentric circles. Inside the Resort area you can take a refreshing rest with a light mist that spreads across decorative bushes.

An elliptical shell made of steel polished like a mirror decorates the Silver Class Lounge, whilst the Al-Maha Landside Lounge houses a circular cup also equipped with “water-pop” nozzles.