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13th June 2013

Karpos Rebellion Square Skopje - Macedonia

Karpos Rebellion Square

National history, epic events and spectacular images merge in the Square of the Macedonian capital dedicated to the rebellion of Karpos. The facts date back to the late seventeenth century, when an anti-Ottoman uprising was crushed in blood by the turkish-tartar troops and the city of Skopje, last to surrender, fell under the rule of Costantinople

Karpos, head of the rebels, was captured and executed at the end of 1689. The square named after him is home to a group of four monumental fountains, for which Watercube has set up various water features. The first main fountain hosts the statue of Philip II of Macedonia, along with other sculptures arranged on the two lower levels, while the second theme is motherhood. Mothers are historically important to this people. Both are decorated with waterfalls, dancing spurts and a mist curtain at the base of the pedestal adding lightness to the imposing sculptural installation. The other two specular fountains on one side host an equestrian group, on the other lions with open jaws: the sculptures are interspersed with spurts of water that flow from the walls and are wrapped cyclically around a curtain of water spray.