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29th August 2006

Federation Tower Moscow - Russia

This building is expected to become the new symbol of Moscow-City, the hyper-technological pulsing heart of the new business district near Kremlin Square.

The Federation Tower, rising 340 m. high, will be the highest building in Europe.
This particular fountain, of the reflecting pool type, is located in the hall of the Mirax Office Complex.

Water flows in and out from a surface of about 80 sq. m. according to programmed time intervals and creating a reflecting mirror separated from the rest of the floor.

A thin and quite water layer alternates trickling water jets.
The reflecting pool effect is completed by 180 points of changing colour lights obtained by means of optical fibre technologies.

The water tank is entirely made of soldered stainless steel panels covered with a floating, black granite floor.
The hydraulic system comprises three separate lines with centrifugal pumps for water filtration/cleaning, for mistscaping effects and for water pumping purposes. A motorized valve on the pressure line controls fast flooding/drying by decreasing the dynamic level of the fluid.