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11th September 2006

Hotel Crowne Plaza Caserta - Italy

 The Crowne Plaza of Caserta is a modern structure, inaugurated in January 2006, and strategically positioned near Naples and only a few steps from the famous Royal Palace.
The hotel is made up of four buildings that surround a large central square of more than 6,000 square metres, dominated by a futuristic dome in glass and steel that allows guests to enjoy the square all year round.
Watercube, through its water installation, wanted to interact with the main element of this meeting point, thus giving new potential to the transparency of the windows.
The “waterwall” effect introduces a translucent curtain for a continuous dialogue between the internal areas and the large covered square.
Six big glass walls were embellished by flowing water, that flow into six water tanks placed at the base.
The installations are equipped with a softening system with inverse osmosis that preserves the crystal transparency from negative effects of calcareous sediment.
The contribution of the lighting system with RGB led lights is of fundamental importance; the various colours reflected by the glass, especially during the evening, create ever changing atmospheres which underline the elegance of this modern “agora”.