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30th September 2008

Hotel Romeo Naples - Italy

Facing the charming gulf of Naples, Romeo Hotel, designed by Architect Kenzo Tange, is the perfect combination of design and “Made in Italy” of the best quality. This also applies to the water features and light effects conceived and created by Watercube to embellish the opulent spaces and elegant atmospheres of this venue. The first example is the glazed façade of the building, emphasized by the raised water mirrors reflecting and projecting the magnificent interiors outside.

A crystal waterwall stands out in the hall with a fabricated front wall on which water flows and breaks. Flowing becomes soother at the wall sides where water caresses the flat surface of the black granite slabs. In the Sushi Bar, on the ground floor, a long counter is used as dining table. The counter was designed by Architect Ivan Russo, and includes a groove in which running water generates the sound and the colours of a natural setting and reflects its texture on the ceiling. This original work was particularly meant to interpret the famous table of the cardinal Renaissance villa “Lante” in Bagnaia.