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30th September 2008

SPA Rouge Naples - Italy

In the framework of the project of Architect Kenzo Tange, concerning the refurbishment of the former headquarters of Achille Lauro in a prestigious 5 Star Luxury Hotels, Watercube has produced the Rouge Spa.

The sea and the volcano, Water and fire, Gulf and Vesuvius. The Hotel Romeo Spa in Naples was built in this intriguing combination, and in line with the external setting. The property has used the experience and technologies of Watercube and applied them to the project of Architect Sergio Bizzaro.
On top of the building, where you can admire the beautiful landscape of the Gulf of Naples with Vesuvius in the background, the two primitive elements have been fused in two contrasting boldly reversed duos: the Paradise of Fire and the Hell of Water. In the first, the relaxation area is coloured by red enveloping guests in pleasant warmth; in the second, the water seethes like lava and the light creates evocative illusions. On the outside terrace we find a swimming pool with infinity overflow, equipped with whirlpools, effervescent inflatable chaises longues and swimming against the tide, all merging with the blue sea horizon in an extraordinary experience of beauty and wellness.