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27th July 2004

Menelik Park – UN Palace Addis Ababa Park - Ethiopia

Inaugurated in 2004, the order for this fountain was placed on Watercube by Endeco spa, Padua. Meneik Park stands in front of the UNO palace in Addis Ababa and is characterised by a straight-line building divided into three zones: Addis Ababa Zone, Ethiopia Zone e Africa Zone. The basic concept underlying the whole project is water in its multiple shapes and expressions. This park is full of springs, streams and falls; wings of crystalline jets and impressive foamy columns, water-animated sculptures and a relaxing community area conditioned by means of a mistscaping effect.

The particular climate of Addis Ababa (2,500 metres above sea level) required an accurate planning for properly selecting and dimensioning every single component and element.

Eight technical rooms were built underground to accommodate the technical installations needed for waterworks operation.
The works were executed by M/S Varnero in cooperation with other local contractors under onsite supervision by Watercube, who followed-up each working phase from the initial layout of the structure, through the installation of equipment and facilities, to final testing and the training of the operators.