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16th March 2005

Puerta America Hotel Madrid - Spain

Wood and water the breath of nature. You can tell by the reception designed by architect John Pawson for the luxurious Hotel Puerta America in Madrid: a unique project that has brought together nineteen of the best architects and designers in the world, thirteen different nationalities, each of which was called to design a plan or an area of the spectacular building.

Watercube for B&B Italy, has collaborated on a particular water feature that gives the reception an elegant and sensual atmosphere: in the entrance to the facility you can sit and relax in a quiet space, where wood is the predominant material, lulled by the close and slow flow of water sitting on a bench made of stone. About 14 m (46 ft.) long and 45 cm (18 in) wide, the water bench has a slightly curved shape with the top part slightly hollow to accommodate the thin ribbon of water that disappears under the paving where it ends its run.