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5th June 2005

New Milan Trade Exhibition Center Milan - Italy

Water and light are constant presences in the projects of Massimiliano Fuksas and he could not miss the large Glass sail that has become the symbol of the new exhibition ground, built in the former Agip refinery in Rho-Pero.

Both are the elements of the kinetic structure designed by the famous architect, and thanks to the presence of reflections and flares appear like a container of precious metal.
The futuristic project idea of Watercube made for the construction of eight basins arranged down the middle and two more at the service centre, over a total area of nearly 15 thousand square meters. The Reflecting Pool effect characterized by the use of a few centimetres/inches of water is enhanced by the texture and the dark colour of the gravel placed on the bottom, capable of amplifying the reflectivity and giving a futuristic look to the Milan Exhibition complex.