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16th October 2005

Presidential Palace Astana - Kazakhstan

A great water amphitheatre that develops symmetrically and linear on a front of about 70 m (230 ft.): this is the setting of the impressive façade of the Presidential Palace of Astana, Kazakhstan. The monumental fountain, awarded to Watercube by Mabco Construction of Lugano, was inaugurated in 2005.

A drop of about three meters is exceeded with seven different levels of overlapping basins, characterized by a series of classic aerated water jets lined up on the middle basins; the central location allows them a maximum of up to 6/8 m high, without any water splashes generated by the impact falling out of the fountain. The scenic performance is defined by the pressure system, which modulates the pitch of the spurts dependent on the predetermined sequences and gives dynamism to the water features. A further distinctive element is the Waterfall effect resulting from the overflow of water between the stepped basins. Thanks to the bronze lighting fixtures with white light, the water part offers a highly evocative show at night.