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13th April 2006

Seafront promenade Grado - Italy

The realization of these fountains, in 2006, belongs to the first urbanisation project and to the urban furnishing of the sea promenade “N. Sauro” and of “Regina Elena” Road in Grado (GO).

In particular, the project accounts for the realization of a curvilinear arbour 25 m. long, enhanced by a water trick.
The interesting structure in painted white steel is anchored to the ground by means of bases; it is embossed on the pedestrian promenade, and then ends with a suspended manifold that gives origin to a water wing providing a “rain curtain” effect.

A curtain of jets spurs from 300 nozzles which are orthogonally directed towards the bed; their trajectory ends in the underlying tank placed alongside the promenade.

The result is a particularly spectacular effect especially in the evening, when the water curtain stands out against the sunset colours, but it is equally charming at night when and a series of underwater white lights make the jets shine as if they were pearl threads.

A second basin, located near the tensile structure, is instead equipped with a series of white foamy columns and with a “comb” of inclined-trajectory jets, positioned at the same level of the stretch of water